Terms of Service

DEFINITIONS“Vendor” shall mean Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Universal Parks & Resorts, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment or Expedia as applicable.“Agent” shall mean Palmetto Travel Agency, LLC (PTA) and/or its travel agents.“Client” shall mean the person(s) planning and booking Travel through the Agent, but does not include Youth Travel groups.“Travel” shall mean any travel (i.e. hotels, tickets, dining, excursions, cruises, airline tickets, add-ons, etc...) booked by the Agent on behalf of the Client.SERVICE TERMThe terms of service specified within shall begin with the initial consultation and expire (1) at the conclusion of any booked Travel, (2) after the cancelation of any booked Travel and the payment of any fees referenced in the Terms section, or (3) when notified by the Client that they will not be booking Travel through the Agent.THE SERVICESServices shall include, but are not limited to, the planning of travel (i.e. consultations, research) and the booking of travel (i.e. reserving hotel rooms, tickets, dining plans, air travel, and any add-on features).FEEThe Agent SHALL NOT charge a Fee for The Services.  FORMS OF ACCEPTED PAYMENTCredit CardFor Clients paying with a credit card, the Client shall complete an “authorization for payment” via their client portal or a paper Authorization/Payment Form(s) to be held by the Agent for payment of any amount due.  The Client’s credit card statement shall serve as their receipt.TERMSThe Agent shall collect, from the Client, any required deposit as soon as possible after the initial consultation, but no later than the time of booking the Travel.  If the Client does not book Travel through the Agent, the Agent shall return any prepaid deposit to the Client within ten (10) days of being notified by the Client of such desire not to book.  In the event the Client cancels or otherwise terminates Travel AFTER BOOKING AND BEFORE TRAVELING, the Agent shall be entitled to an amount equal to the deposit paid, but not less than fifty dollars ($50) and no more than five hundred dollars ($500), for services rendered (i.e. a cancellation fee).  The Agent shall retain the cancellation fee if refunds are issued directly to the Agent by the Vendor and shall return any remaining amount to the Client minus any fees charged by the Vendor.  If the Vendor issues a refund directly to the Client, the Agent may issue an invoice and the Client shall pay such invoice for services rendered within thirty (30) days.  Why do we charge this fee for cancellations?  If you cancel your trip after booking and before traveling, your Agent does not get paid for the work they performed.All cancellations of Travel and refunds shall be governed by the Vendor’s policy in effect at the time of cancellation.  PTA cannot be held liable for Vendor cancellation and refund policies .  Clients are responsible for asking about, reading, and adhering to all Vendor policies.Travel payment requests may be initiated via email or the Client’s "client portal" administered by Travel eSolutions.  Please note that Vendor payment systems and the client portal software may retain Client payment information and that security of such information is according to the Vendor’s and Travel eSolution’s policy.  The Agent will not personally retain any payment information.  At no time is the Agent responsible for paying the cost of Travel, or any other fee, on behalf of the Client with Agent funds.Any un-honored payment, by the Client, that incurs a charge against the Agent, shall incur a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35), which shall be paid to the Agent, by the Client, in the form of certified funds no later than ten (10) days after notification to the Client by the Agent.WARRANTYThe Agent is a member in good standing with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Vendor.  The Agent is not an employee of or otherwise affiliated with the Vendor except through the Agent status granted by the Vendor.PRIVACYAny and all information obtained from the Client, by the Agent, shall be kept confidential (never shared) and destroyed if the Client ever ends their relationship with the Agency.BY BOOKING TRAVEL THROUGH THE AGENT, THE CLIENT EXPRESSLY CONSENTS TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE AND AGREES TO ABIDE BY THEM DURING THE SERVICE TERM.