What destinations do you represent?

This is the most asked question we get...so we moved it to the top of the list.  It may not seem like a lot, but we ONLY plan and book for Walt Disney Park & Resorts, Universal Parks & Resorts, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  If you take into account all of the different destinations represented by these companies, that is 65 unique destinations and experiences.  We pride ourselves on knowing a lot about a little because we're dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience.

Why should I use a Palmetto Travel Agency?

Because we're awesome (a lot of bias went into that response)!!!  We've booked thousands of trips.  We know the systems.  We know our destinations and their policies.  When we're your agency, you don't have to worry about any of that.  You simply let us know what you're looking for and we go away, do the research, and answer all of the questions.  Do you ever worry about missing out on a discount or offer?  We constantly monitor all of our companies for offers and discounts and often add them to our client's booking before they even know to ask for them.  We also make sure you're always up-to-date on payments and deadlines.  Have an off-the-wall question and not sure who to ask?  We're here to research those for you and get you an answer.  You'll be surprised by what we know...we get a lot of unique questions.  And after you're all booked, we can assist you as much or as little as you want with dining and other reservations*.  Spoiler alert...we mention this later...but we do it all for FREE.

*When booking dining, excursions, or other destination specific reservations on your behalf, we can't guarantee success in doing so.  

Do you have a physical location I can visit?

Nope.  We don't have a traditional "brick and mortar" store for you to visit...we operate primarily online.  We are available by text, email, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, Google Meets*, Whatsapp, and phone to discuss your travel plans.  We also have an online client portal to track your trip, make payments, view balances, and more.  And if you live in the Charleston, SC area, we are also available* to meet you in person.

*By Appointment Only  -  Click Here

How much do your services cost?

NOTHING!  We offer our planning and booking services 100% FREE of charge.  Wait, what?  How are we able to do that?  We are paid by the destinations we represent.  And no, that does mean your trip will cost more when using us.  Our destinations give up a portion of their profit to pay us.  Having said that, if you cancel your trip after booking, our agents don't get paid either.  That's why we have these Terms of Service in place to protect them.  When you book with us, you expressly agree to those terms.

Are you an "Authorized Disney Vacation Planner" or a "U Preferred" agency with Universal?

No...BUT THAT'S OK!  Disney and Universal bestows those recognitions on travel agencies based on certain criteria; mainly sales volume.  Being a small "boutique" travel agency, we will unfortunately never do enough sales to receive this recognition.  We are still a Disney and Universal travel agency fully registered and certified by Disney and Universal and all of our agents are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge and Universal & U.  Our agents have a combined 40 years of experience with Disney and Universal destinations through personal travel and as travel agents.  We can do everything the bigger agencies do, but with a more personal touch.  Let us show you that the size of the agency does not matter; rather it's the quality of service that sets us apart.

Can you book my flight?

As long as your flight is part of a vacation package to one of the destinations we represent, we can book it.  Some of our destinations offer direct flight bookings as part of their service.  In these instances, we will let the destination book the flights.  For all other destinations, we will book directly with the airline of your choice.  (Prices may be higher than what you can book on your own.)  Reminder: You are subject to any and all policies and fees imposed by the airlines or our destinations for flight changes, cancellations, etc... 

Can I make payments toward my vacation?

Most of our destinations accept payments over time, but require a deposit to be made at time of booking.  The amount and timing of your payments is up to you as long as the full balance is paid off by the due date imposed by the travel destination.  Some of our destinations, including all air flights and travel insurance, require payment in full at time of booking.

How do I make payments toward my trip?

Login to your client portal using the same method you originally signed in with (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc...).  On the left, click Trip Management and then My Trips.  Select the trip you wish to make a payment on.  Under the Bookings and Payments section, click the green button labeled Pre-Approve Payment and follow the instructions.

Tip:  Make sure you have a credit card on file, before authorizing a payment, by clicking Profile on the left and then the blue button labeled +Add Credit Card.

Are there any fees if I cancel my trip?

According to our Terms of Service we may impose a fee for canceling your travel after booking.  Normally our agents are paid by the travel destination after you complete your trip, but in the case of a cancellation, our agents will not get paid...so this fee covers their time and effort spent on your vacation.  Our agents may wave the fee, at their discretion.  Also, our destinations and airlines may impose a fee.  Be sure to ask your agent for more information and read the cancellation policies for your destination prior to booking.

Will my trip cost more if I use Palmetto Travel Agency?

NEVERRRRRRR!  Your vacation will NOT cost more than if you were to book it on your own.  And in some cases, it will cost less.  Our agents know about and get access to deals offered by our destinations before you do.  We can add various discounts and promotions to your trip before you even know to ask for them.

How do I book a trip with Palmetto Travel Agency?

The easiest way to get started is to visit our Request a Quote page.  Once submitted, we will have the information we need to get started with the research and planning.  You can also email us, send us a Whatsapp message us or schedule a call.

What if my plans change?

Plans change...it's life.  If you know your plans are going to change, be sure to contact us sooner rather than later.  Some of our destinations impose change and cancellation fees.  Most of their fees are date driven, so the earlier you let us know, the more likely we are to either avoid or minimize those fees.  Reminder:  Most of our destinations offer various forms of travel insurance to cover you in most situations.  If you have any question about cancellation or change fees or travel insurance, let us know.

Do you book trips outside of your listed destinations?

No...and you wouldn't want us to.  You don't want an agent who does not know about the destination you want to visit and we don't want our agents spending most of their time rushing to learn a new place...quality of service is very important to us.  However, we do add new destinations from time to time, so please check back.  We want to add new destinations at a reasonable and responsible pace to allow our agents time to learn everything they can and even experience it for themselves.

Do I qualify for offers or discounts?

Depends...from time to time, our destinations will announce offers and discounts.  These promotions often have stipulations attached to them like: select hotels, select room types, select dates, or must include certain other package options.  So whether or not you qualify depends on your trip.  If you're already booked and meet the criteria, your agent can and will add the promotion to your reservation often before you even know to ask for it.  If you have not booked yet, the promotion can be added at the time of booking.  And don't worry...if your reservation does not meet the criteria for the promotion, you can always modify your vacation so it does.

What happens after I book?

Your agent will continuously monitor your reservation to see if you qualify for future offers and discounts and apply them automatically.  If you have chosen to make payments, you'll work with your agent to process those payments before the due date.  If you have asked for assistance with select dining, ride, and excursion reservations, you'll work with your agent to finalize those plans and make those reservations.  If additional information is needed for your trip, you'll work with your agent to obtain that information and add it to your reservation.  If you need anything else, just ask...we're here to help.

Do you belong to a professional travel organization?

Yes.  We are an agency member with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).  Use our zip code (29405) to find us easily on the CLIA website.

Do you offer transportation and other services?

We work with the Mears Transportation Group & Sunshine Flyer (Orlando, FL) to provide airport/resort transportation and transportation to/from select area attractions.  We also work with GoPort (Port Canaveral, FL) to arrange parking and transportation to/from cruise port terminals and Kingdom Strollers (Orlando, FL) to provide strollers for families looking for an alternative to stroller rentals at the parks.

Are you an LGB+ friendly travel agency?

ABSOLUTELY!    Our agency is LGB+ owned.  Also, all of the destinations we represent are LGB+ friendly...we wouldn't have it any other way.

Do I need a passport for my cruise?

It depends...There are several factors (e.g. departing port, return port, destination)  involved in determining whether you need a passport to cruise.  Here are links to our cruise vendor's passport information pages to help you determine the need for your cruise.  Disney Cruise Line  |  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line  |  Carnival Cruise Line.

Can I pay for my trip with cash or check?

All of our vendors require payment by credit card.  We can not accept cash or check for payment and in turn use our credit card.  Any refund from a canceled trip would appear on our card and we have no way of getting the funds back to you.  You can safely and securely enter your credit card information in your client portal.  You will then authorize a payment and we'll use your credit card information to process that payment.

How do I keep up-to-date with Palmetto Travel Agency and your destinations?

Great Question!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as our Blog and companion Facebook group, Let's Talk Travel.  We post destination updates and offers as well as various discussions and tips on our destinations.

Have more questions?  Please send us an email and we'll be glad to answer them.  If you have destination specific questions, be sure to check out our destination pages for more information.